Iron Miners - Documenting the Historic Mines of America

About IronMiners

IronMiners Team at AditIronMiners was founded in 2005 with a goal toward preserving America's mining history. We specialize in the documentation and investigation of historic underground mines. Combining both an historical and forward looking perspective, our mine researchers conduct vigorous examinations both above and below ground to study past producing mines as well as explore potential new mining opportunities.

We conduct vigorous research to re-locate underground mines with likely remaining gold potential. For more information, please visit our Mining Claim Services section to learn about mining claims sales, historical mine research, mine photography, and mine documentation.

In November of 2011, IronMiners acquired the historic Blackbird Mine as well as Pipes Mine in Nevada in an effort to both preserve and resume mining operations at both sites.

Our mine researchers are experienced in mining methods, geology, and above all else, safety in examining sites.

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