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Bradley Mine

Owned by brothers Robert and Peter Parrott, the Bradley Mine was worked vigorously during the Civil War. The ore was shipped to their Clove and Greenwood furnaces. Ore sent to the Greenwood furnace was used to produce metal for the construction of Parrott Guns. Invented by Robert in 1860 and patented the following year, the Parrott Gun was designed as a strong and accurate weapon for Union troops. They were also relatively easy to manufacture.

After the Civil War, the Bradley mine continued in operation until closing permanently in 1874. Although a significant amount of ore was undoubtedly produced, no formal record of total production is known.

The Bradley Mine consists of a large deep trench covering a distance of approximately 200 feet before reaching the entrance to a cavernous stope. Here, a shaft connects to the surface and the stope continues 300 feet or more into the mountain.

Bradley Mine

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