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Dickerson Mine

(...continued) From 1826 to 1830, the mine was supplying as many as one hundred forges across New Jersey. Mahlon's obligations as the governor of New Jersey, then senator, and finally secretary of the Navy, demanded his absence from overseeing operations. Thus, he appointed his nephew Frederick Canfield to manage the mine.

From the 1840s to the 1850s, the workforce grew to about 40 men. A year after Mahlon's death in 1853, the Dickerson Suckasunny Mining Company was created, consisting of Dickerson's heirs, including Canfield who continued to manage operations. The mine was not worked from 1860 until 1862 when it was leased to the Allentown Iron Company. On March 24, 1869, the Ferromonte Railroad was chartered. Incorporated by three sons of Canfield, Augustus, Edmund, and Frederick A., the railroad consisted of two track gauges and was built to connect the Dickerson Mine and other nearby mines to the Morris & Essex Railroad.

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Dickerson Mine
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