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Dickerson Mine

(...continued) From the new Singer Shaft, the company raised approximately 8,000 tons of ore each year until January of 1908, ceasing operations due to the poor quality of the ore. The ore was shipped by ox-drawn wagons and the railroad was not used.

Finally in September of 1917, the Dickerson Suckasunny Mining Company leased the mine to the New Jersey Slag Products Company. Incorporated earlier in the year, New Jersey Slag Products planned to reactivate the mine and lease the railroad. However, it is not known whether this company brought any ore to market.

The Dickerson Mine was initially worked through an adit driven into what was called the "Big Mine" vein. Since the tunnel was directly in ore, it was later daylighted. Shafts were also sunk into this vein at various intervals. Later, the ore from the Big Mine vein was raised principally from an inclined shaft that eventually reached a depth of 1,300 feet.

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Dickerson Mine
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