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Dickerson Mine

(...continued) When it became too costly to hoist ore from this shaft, a vertical shaft known as the Dickerson shaft was sunk in 1883. This shaft tapped both the Side vein and the Big Mine vein at 550 and 750 feet respectively. At a depth of 250 feet, the Side Vein was found to connect to the hanging wall of the Big Mine vein. Toward the northeast but separated to the east of the Big Mine was the "Cow Belly" deposit. This was worked through an inclined shaft nearly as long as that of the Big Mine vein. A drift connected the these two workings.

Near the location of the Dickerson shaft, a mansion once stood built by Mahlon Dickerson. Called Ferromonte, the mansion was used by him and his family as a residence and also served briefly as a private school. The miners settled in a section of town nearby called Irishtown. Built in 1868, Irishtown also featured a hotel and tavern where the miners boarded and drank known as Cox Hotel.

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Dickerson Mine
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