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Mercuria Mine

The Mercuria Mine was discovered in 1926 by William Reynolds. Reynolds was previously involved with E.H. Bowman who discovered the Sunflower Mine. Like the Sunflower, the Mercuria Mine is located within an exclusive region containing mineralized mercury ore. The primary ore cinnabar, was used in the amalgation of gold. In 1931, the mine was operated by the Tonto Mining Company, a subsidiary of Mercury Mines of America. By 1960, the mine was worked by Oliver Brunson and Gus Packard. Some time after 1965, the mine was abandoned.

The workings consist primarily of a haulage adit connecting underground with stopes. A secondary adit 20 feet long was driven but was not worked. A processing complex was built on site. It is not known how many flasks of mercury were produced.

Mercuria Mine
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