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Oneida Mine

The Oneida Mine was discovered by Christopher Martin. In 1914, Martin constructed a 1 retort furnace to process high grade cinnabar ore. During March of 1915, 2 flasks of mercury were shipped. The mine continued to be developed and prospected by 1917 but two years later it is believed to have been idle. Martin sold the mine to the Arizona Quicksilver Corporation who also operated nearby mines such as the Sunflower Mine. This company spent a significant amount of effort driving tunnels but apparently this work did not amount to much. The mine continued to operate until about 1982, most of the production prior to the 1960's.

Three tunnels were driven southwest into the hillside. The southern most tunnel was driven for a distance of nearly 1500 feet. The next tunnel to the north is only about 150 feet in length. Martin's original cabin continued to stand on site until the early 1980's.

Oneida Mine
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