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Philips Mine

The Philips or Phillips Mine has the unique distinction of having been worked soley as an iron mine, a copper mine, and a sulfur mine, during separate periods of time. It was even prospected for uranium during the 1950's but this proved to be unworthwhile to mine. The mine was likely named for Adolph Philips who patented Putnam County where it resides. The mine's history is somewhat obscure but appears have been worked for iron ore during the early 1800's. However, due to the high sulfur content and phosphate of lime, the mining of iron likely ceased sometime before 1843.

After the Civil War, it appears it was reopened as a copper mine. Later, it was worked as a sulfur mine before reopening in 1907 again as a copper mine. The workings consist primarily of two adits driven at different elevations that connect to a water filled stope open from the surface.

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Philips Mine
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