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Rock Pond Mine

The Rock Pond Mine was first developed in 1901 by Gray Brothers. The following year the Ticonderoga Graphite Company constructed a well-built ten stamp mill to crush the ore. In 1903, this company allowed the Columbia Graphite Company to experiment with the ore. From 1904 to 1905, the Columbia Graphite Company took over the mine entirely and actively worked it.

In 1906 this company leased the mine to Pettinos Brothers. This firm operated other properties as far as southeastern Pennsylvania but only mined this property for a short while. When they discovered the ore was displaced by a fault, Pettinos Brothers ceased operations. From this point forward, it is unknown whether the Rock Pond Mine was again worked. It appears that the mine was worked at a great expense.

The mine consists of an adit tunnel and a large open cut where almost all of the graphite was removed. An intact steam boiler still remains on site.

Rock Pond Mine
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