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Tuscumbia Mine

(...continued) According to Mr. Pascoe, a miner who lived onsite in 1909, the Tuscumbia lode was the richest lode amongst the nearby group of mines but the ore outcropped the least. The ore was hoisted from the shafts by hand-windlass, and carried away by burros to the mill. In 1926 the mine was owned by Frank Williams and Barry Smith of Prescott. The mine produced until 1942. In 1976, Fred Lorette, reopened the mine and discovered 5 to 6 ounces of gold ore which he concentrating to about 2,000 ounces per ton. Work continued up to 1984 by various owners when John Christensen reopened the abandoned adit and built a larger flotation mill handling 50 tons per day and a tailings pond.

The mine was developed by five tunnels and a shaft. Some of the tunnels are interconnected by stopes.

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Tuscumbia Mine
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