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Tuscumbia Mine

The Tuscumbia Mine was discovered sometime before 1878. That year it was purchased by Ed Gobin and James Mee from a Mr. Lane. In June of 1881, the Tuscumbia mill was erected approximately a mile and a half away from the mine. After just its first month of operation, the mill had shipped $30,000 of silver ore. However, the mill also processed ore from the nearby Black Warrior Mine (this mine was later consolidated into the Silver Prince Mine).

Despite its success, the mine and mill shut down in the middle of 1882. In 1883, the mine was reopened by the owners of the Black Warrior Mine and produced approximately 45,000 ounces of silver. A rich strike of ore was discovered in 1886 by Italian lesses of the mine and by 1888, the mill was processing ore again from several mines.

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Tuscumbia Mine
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