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IronMiners to Give Tour of Trotter Tunnel
April 4, 2012
Trotter TunnelThe Sterling Hill Mining Museum has invited IronMiners to lead a private tour of Trotter Tunnel during this year's Super Dig event on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 9am in Ogdensburg, NJ. A part of the Noble Mine, Trotter Tunnel is an historic mine tunnel that was originally driven in 1874 by Charles W. Trotter to extract zinc ore from the southern portion of Sterling Hill. The annual event features mineral collecting, a UV illuminated tour of the Sterling Hill Mine, a tour of the upper mine area and mill, and more. Registration is required and you must be or become a member of either the Sterling Hill Mining Museum or the Delaware Valley Earth Science Society. To register and find out additional information, please visit the official Super Dig Event 2012 page.

IronMiners Claim Pipes Mine
December 23, 2011
Pipes MineLess than a month after acquiring the historic Blackbird Mine, IronMiners announces the addition of Pipes Mine to its portfolio. Dating back to the first half of the 20th century, Pipes Mine operated in the shadow of the larger and more well known Alabama Mine. Although gold was produced, the mine was never fully developed. Included within the claim is the entirety of the mine as well as the Siskiyou Mine to the north. IronMiners has recently rehabilitated the adit and plans are now underway to begin operations in 2012 as well as preserve the mine.
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IronMiners Acquires Historic Blackbird Mine
November 30, 2011
Blackbird MineIn late November 2011, IronMiners completed the acquisition of the Blackbird Mine located in northern Nevada. Discovered in 1869, the mine was said to have earned between one to two million dollars during its early period. The mine was also once owned by George S. Nixon who in later years became a US senator. Rehabilitation work has recently commenced, and IronMiners plans both to preserve and continue to work the historic gold mine.
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Dickerson Mine Added
October 31, 2011
Dickerson MineThe Dickerson (or Suckasunny) Mine dates back to 1713 when John Reading, a surveyor for Joseph Kirkbride, took up the land as a mining tract. The following year Reading sold it to Kirkbride who later bequeathed the mine to his sons, John, Joseph Jr, and Mahlon. In 1779, Jonathan Dickerson and Minard Lefevre started to purchase interest in the property. By 1805, Dickerson had attained two-thirds ownership.
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Mining Enthusiasts to Meet at Annual Event
October 19, 2011
Barnyard Bash 2011The annual east coast gathering of mine history enthusiasts is set to kick off once again this year on October 29, 2011. Barnyard Bash, as it is appropriately named, takes place in a fully restored large 18th century barn in the quaint neighborhood of Monroe, CT. Open to the public, the event allows like-minded people to meet in a friendly atmosphere face-to-face and share in their collective interest in all things related to mining and mine history. Intended to be both educational and entertaining, the event includes a dinner buffet and ale followed by music and dancing.
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Bestselling Novelist Goes Underground
October 13, 2011
Darkness, My Old FriendNew York Times bestselling author, Lisa Unger, returns with a follow up to her previous novel, Fragile. A psychological thriller, Darkness, My Old Friend continues in its predecessor's footsteps, taking the reader to the fictional town known as The Hollows, a former mining town. Michael Holt, a cave diver, is on a pursuit to solve the disappearance of his mother. What Michael finds out becomes a dramatic twist in this suspenseful page-turner. Mike Hetman and helped to provide the author with background information and relevant imagery. Order your copy today at

IronMiners Launches New Website
October 8, 2011
New WebsiteSix years after its initial launch in 2005, the IronMiners website has received its first major revamp. Redesigned from the ground up, IronMiners 2.0 features a brand new “old” interface, more thorough information on specific mines, remastered photography, a directory of mine tours, and the addition of new mines to its inventory. IronMiners 2.0 offers up-to-date information, interactivity, and resources to help visitors better appreciate and learn about the historic mining industry of the United States.

Silver Prince Mine Added
October 8, 2011
Silver Prince MineThe Silver Prince Mine was opened in 1874 by T.N. Alexander, W. Cole, E. G. Peck, and C.C. Bean. In 1879, the mine was purchased by Mrs. Jessie Benton Fremont for $40,000. The following year the operation expanded by acquiring the adjoining Black Warrior Mine to the north as well as the Tuscumbia Mine. By 1882, the Silver Prince Mine was conveyed, if only in name, to Abram S. Hewitt, as security for a $25,000 loan.
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Rock Pond Mine Added
October 8, 2011
Rock Pond MineThe Rock Pond Mine was first developed in 1901 by Gray Brothers. The following year the Ticonderoga Graphite Company constructed a well-built ten stamp mill to work the mine. In 1903, this company allowed the Columbia Graphite Company to experiment with the ore. From 1904 to 1905, the Columbia Graphite Company took over the mine entirely and actively worked it.
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